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The Pioneers of Creating More Employment Opportunities for Persons with Different Abilities

Enterprise Solutions USA is a division of Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that provides life skills development, residential services, and employment opportunities for adults with different abilities.


​We proudly partner with local and national businesses, organizations, and government agencies to provide a full spectrum of business solutions at fair market prices, which has long enabled us to create opportunities for people with disabilities to work and earn a living. As a result, we are proud to have placed thousands of people in job positions where they thrive and make a difference.


Using the latest technology in conjunction with well-trained and fully supported employees, we love helping you streamline workflow while saving you time, money, and resources. Plus, we are known for our reliability, efficiency, and for delivering quality work of the highest value.


We truly value your experience with us, which is why we commit to the success of our employees and support teams through a robust job skills training program with ongoing support. They are our backbone and we believe that people of all abilities can bring valued skills to the community and deserve the chance to do so. 

A picture of two people from Challenge Enterprises holding an award up.

"In everything we do we strive to be the best there is. The individuals are proud to be employed and contribute to their community through service. They love what the do. They are the reason we are the best."

-Patrick Flanagan

Project Manager, Challenge Enterprises

Working together toward a common goal.

Our participation with the AbilityOne program, SourceAmerica, and RESPECT of Florida help us achieve our goal of employing people with differences. Being part of these networks means that Challenge Enterprises has met the strict criteria needed to participate in their esteemed programs, which allows for the employment and services needs of various federal government and military agencies to be easily met. These programs bridge the gap between customers looking for quality services and nonprofit organizations that offer the solutions. Working with these wonderful organizations helps the greater good and our collective mission to provide employment opportunities for people with differences. 

Feel free to further explore these programs by clicking on their logo. 

AbilityOne. Program
RESPECT of Florida
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