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Dependable Employees at Your Service 

Enterprise Solutions USA, a division of Challenge Enterprises, is the leader in employment and skills development for persons with different abilities. 

A strong training program develops great employees.

We are passionate about ensuring that the people involved in our programs who seek career success have the ability to get great jobs with great employers.  We have designed powerful on-the-job training regimens and pre-employment skills development where participants can learn while on the job at government and commercial facilities under the direction and coaching of one of our project managers. This prepares a person for independent, competitive employment, or supported employment, and provides businesses with loyal, well-trained, hard-working employees who become valuable assets to their organization.

Full support from a dedicated leadership Team. 

Our management team also provides ongoing support and regular communication with our customers, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services and employees. If any issues arise, we are quick to correct 

​Plus, our employment coaches also provide hands-on support to the employer and coworkers. This may involve educating staff on diversity and inclusion, which adds greatly to their business culture.

A group of people at a desk discussing work

"Our customers come back to us time and again because they love our quality of service and our results; a true testament of the wonderful people we employ and the coaches who mentor them." 

-Jerry Proctor

VP of Business Development, Challenge Enterprises

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