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Shipboard Logistic Team Awarded Kings Bay Contract

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The Shipboard Logistic Team led by Project Manager Charles Slocumb of Enterprise Solutions USA/Challenge Enterprises was awarded a government contract at Naval Station Kings Bay Georgia. On November 1, 2021, this team began providing service to the submarine community by receiving and stowing food provision deliveries at the Food Provisions Warehouse on base. The logistic team is also responsible for assisting in loading into module storage containers approximately 9000 cases of food per month. These food modules help to care for the crews of the twelve submarines serviced at this location. Since the contract begin, the Shipboard Logistic Team has made a strong impression at Kings Bay Food Provision Warehouse as well as with the military for the services provided.

When asked about the importance of this contract the Vice President of Business Development, Jerry Proctor replied, “With the recent signing of this contract, we are starting our eleventh year providing logistics support services to the Surface Fleet at Naval Station Mayport, Florida. But this year we proudly take on a new responsibility providing those same quality services to the Submarine Fleet based in Kings Bay Georgia. This addition says a lot about the high level of performance Project Manager Charles Slocumb and his workforce offer, and now the Navy wants that same level of service delivered to the Fleet in Kings Bay. This new work allows us to provide more employment opportunities to persons with significant disabilities earning more than $320,000 in wages and benefits each year.”

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