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Congressman Aaron Bean Visits Enterprise Solutions USA

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Congressman Aaron Bean visited Enterprise Solutions USA, a division of Challenge Enterprises of North Florida in Green Cove Springs on Friday morning, June 16, to highlight his ongoing advocacy for persons with disabilities and to encourage actions that would recognize him as an AbilityOne Champion in Congress. This prestigious distinction is bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities in the workforce.

During his visit, Congressman Bean embarked on a comprehensive tour of Enterprise Solutions USA, immersing himself in the organization’s invaluable work in empowering individuals with disabilities. The tour provided an opportunity for Congressman Bean to interact with the dedicated staff and gain firsthand insight into the daily operations of this remarkable establishment.

“We were honored to welcome Congressman Aaron Bean to Enterprise Solutions USA,” said CEO Nancy C Keating. “His visit underscored his unwavering dedication to advocating for persons with disabilities and his commitment to creating equal opportunities for all.”

The Congressman’s office staff expressed confidence in his enthusiasm and dedication to this cause, affirming that he was unquestionably ‘Up for the Challenge’. As part of the strategic efforts to achieve the AbilityOne Champion designation, media coverage was crucial. Therefore, the presence of a reporter or any interested members of the media was kindly requested to join us on-site at 9 AM for a quick photo opportunity of Congressman Bean’s visit to the worksite.

The estimated duration of the visit was approximately 30 minutes, ensuring that it fits smoothly into everyone’s busy schedules. This significant moment presented an opportunity to raise awareness about the crucial work being done by Congressman Bean in advocating for persons with disabilities and promoting the Power of People and Possibilities.

Congressman Aaron Bean, accompanied by his wife Abby and Deputy Director Bryan Campbell, visited Enterprise Solutions USA’ warehouse in Green Cove Springs on Friday, June 16. During the visit, Congressman Bean engaged in a tour of work contracts and witnessed the Food for Clay distribution. He took the time to speak with the dedicated staff and participants attending the Adult Training Center.

Following the tour, Congressman Bean met with CEO Nancy C Keating and VP of Business Development Adrian Andrews, expressing his gratitude for their history of advocacy for persons with disabilities. Enterprise Solutions USA will submit the AbilityOne Champion Certification application to SourceAmerica, promoting Congressman Aaron Bean as an AbilityOne Champion while closely monitoring legislation affecting persons with disabilities.

Congressman Bean has met all the requirements established by AbilityOne, the largest federal work program for persons with disabilities, employing 45,000 people across the USA. Congressional leaders’ support of 898 would establish a 1% allocation of DOD contracts to AbilityOne producing agencies, potentially employing an additional 10,000 persons with disabilities. Congressman Bean firmly believed that meaningful and gainful employment is the path to promoting the Power of People and Possibilities.

Congressman Aaron Bean is a dedicated public servant committed to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities. His advocacy work in Congress focuses on creating equal opportunities and empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. Congressman Bean’s efforts align closely with the goals of the AbilityOne program, which aims to enhance employment opportunities for those with disabilities. By striving to be recognized as an AbilityOne Champion, Congressman Bean seeks to reinforce his commitment to this vital cause.

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